McConnell Talks Cyber Strategies, Policy with Foreign Policy Magazine

Media Coverage | July 21, 2017

Bruce McConnell joined a podcast hosted by the Foreign Policy magazine on expanding global cybersecurity issues, particularly U.S. cyber policies under the Donald Trump administration.

The Editor's Roundtable podcast touched on a wide range of topics, including the Trump administration's decision to move forward with a proposal to separate U.S. Cyber Command from the National Security Agency and the possible consequences. McConnell, in essence, expressed content that this was finally making progress.

"Military and intelligence authorities are different, and it's important to keep that distinction. It's difficult enough already in cyberspace to figure out who's doing what and under what authority without compounding the problem by having an ambiguous governmental organization," he said. "I'm glad to finally see it come through."

The podcast also discussed the various aspects of cyber deterrence and cyber response to attacks in the future, using the controversial alleged Russian cyber interference in the U.S. presidential elections last year as a major case.

"Because of the way that cyber works, the barriers to entry are very low. The magnitude, because of the megaphone effect of cyber, is much bigger so it's changed the dynamic just like cyber crime. These are regular crimes which take place on the cyber domain, and it's now much easier for criminals, or in this case malicious actors of various sorts, to have an effect. We're not used to that. We don't know yet, as a policy, how to calibrate and filter," said McConnell.

Also joining the conversation were New America's Peter W. Singer and Foreign Policy's Sharon Weinberger and Elias Groll. To access in full, click here.