Only Way to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic is Through Global Cooperation

Media Coverage | March 30, 2020

The unavoidable lockdown in China that has caused disruptions to the global supply chains will now motivate countries to cut reliance on China for critical supplies by building domestic capabilities or moving production elsewhere.

The coronavirus pandemic is assuming nuclear dimensions. Billions have been impacted, pillars of the global order are in a state of full or partial lockdown, unable even with advanced technologies and proficient health care systems to protect their populations, exposing the vulnerabilities of the developing world.

The G-20 video conference indicates that an effort, albeit delayed, to address the pandemic collectively is beginning to take shape. The earlier G-7 meeting could not issue a joint statement because the Americans wanted a reference in it to the "Wuhan Virus," which the others opposed as as to retain the focus on international cooperation and not apportion blame. If the G-20 had failed to issue a communique for this reason, its own future as well as prospects of any coordinated international cooperation to combat the virus would have been jeopardized.

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