Politico Quotes Bruce McConnell on U.S.-China Cyber Agreement

News | September 28, 2015

EWI's Senior Vice President Bruce McConnell spoke to Politico about a U.S.-China joint promise not to commit cyber thefts of companies' economically valuable secrets. 

Bruce McConnell was quoted in Politico's September 25 article "Obama, Xi vow not to steal each others' secrets."

"...Bruce McConnell, senior vice president at the EastWest Institute, said that from a Chinese policy perspective, the agreement merely amounts to an affirmation of the status quo. The Chinese government’s position has been that it neither conducts nor knowingly supports such activities, he said.

Nonetheless, McConnell said he’s optimistic that the agreement marks progress on the issue. China isn’t acknowledging that it’s stolen intellectual property, allowing Beijing to take action without directly taking responsibility for any previous attacks."


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