Preventing a U.S.-China Cyber War

Media Coverage | May 27, 2013
An editorial on May 25, 2013 in The New York Times urges President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping to consider EWI’s work on fighting spam as a model for U.S.-China cooperation.
The two leaders will meet for the first time next month in California, and a major topic is likely to be the controversy over charges that China is mounting increasing numbers of cyber attacks against U.S. institutions.
The editorial pointed to the high cost of hacking, and noted that new measures are needed to help counter this threat.
“But before adopting punitive measures, the two nations need to try working together,” it declared. “For example, the EastWest Institute, an independent research group, is working with representatives of many governments, including China and the United States, to develop ground rules for protecting the digital infrastructure. The group’s detailed proposal on fighting spam — which carries malware used by hackers — is worth considering by President Obama and President Xi.”
The full editorial can be read here.


The New York Times