Reuters Quotes Bruce McConnell on Obama's Call for International Cybersecurity Framework

Media Coverage | September 17, 2015

EWI's Senior Vice President Bruce McConnell spoke to Reuters about President Obama's statement that he would like to see a "basic international framework" for governments on cybersecurity, perhaps resembling existing global nuclear agreements.

Bruce McConnell was quoted in Reuters' September 16 article "UPDATE 2-Obama warns China on cyber spying ahead of Xi visit.

"In referring to nuclear arms control regimes, Obama was most likely thinking about "norms," rather than governance, since the U.S. has not advocated creating an agency like the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor cyber weapons, said Bruce McConnell, a former Department of Homeland Security cyber security chief."

..."I don't think the president was talking about the structure - I think he was talking about the ideas," added McConnell.


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