A U.S.–India Partnership in Cyberspace

Commentary | October 28, 2011

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and EWI Senior Cybersecurity Advisor Harry Raduege of Deloitte write that the United States and India have common interests and common challenges in cybersecurity:

The United States and India are engaged in an unprecedented level of collaboration and joint innovation in cyberspace. As our two economies grow more intertwined in the information age, so do our vulnerabilities. Today, adversaries in cyberspace no longer have to reach one nation’s shores to strike the other. They can strike computer networks in Hyderabad by penetrating those located in Houston, and vice versa. This means India’s ability to fend off cyber attacks is critical to the United States’ economic and national security—just as the United States’ ability to protect our information networks is critical to India’s security. The threat to both our countries is growing.

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