Dr. Robert Kagan: The Jungle Grows Back: America and our Imperiled World
Multimedia | December 18, 2018

Dr. Robert Kagan joins EWI’s Cameron Munter for a discussion on the perceived decline of the liberal world order, as established by the United States at the conclusion of the Second World War. Focusing on Dr. Kagan’s most recent book entitled: “The Jungle Grows Back: America and our Imperiled World,” the discussion addresses the potential consequences of America’s retreat from its global leadership role, and the ensuing challenges to global stability.

“We are the ones upholding the system,” says Kagan. “If we lose control and are unable to uphold the system, it’s not clear to me that we will be able to reestablish it. That’s why I don’t want to wait for the disaster to come - I want to prevent the disaster.”

Dr. Robert Kagan is an American historian and foreign policy expert. He is the senior fellow with the Project on International Order and Strategy in the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution and is a contributing columnist at the Washington Post.

Host: Cameron Munter
Producer: Conrad Jarzebowski
Editor: Alex Schulman
Creative Development: Dragan Stojanovski