Frank Wisner: The Future of American Diplomacy
Multimedia | May 22, 2019

Frank Wisner joins Cameron Munter to discuss America’s changing diplomatic role in the world, touching on several issues including the Balkans, America's alliance with Europe, the Quad relationship, climate change and potential trade disputes that might arise from India's recent general elections.  

"The real change from our point of view is the American perception of the situation...I think we were overly confident that we could lead and others would follow. We had that habit of mind that American institutions were extra powerful, America's example was extra persuasive and that others would follow in our wake," says Wisner.  

"American's have a view of foreign issues that is broad; that once you solve them, those problems are settled," Wiser remarks. "I think history teaches us something quite different—every problem you solve is a gateway to another problem...and that is hard for Americans to come to terms with...if you don't stay engaged, you'll pay the piper." 

Frank Wisner a four-decade veteran of the State Department who has served eight presidents. In his diplomatic career, Wisner served as U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, Egypt, the Philippines and India as well as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Undersecretary of State for International Security Affairs and Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs. He played a crucial role in aiding over 1 million Indochinese refugees after Vietnam and in negotiating Kosovo’s independence in 2005. He is currently an International Affairs Advisor for the law firm Squire Patton Boggs and serves in a leadership capacity on numerous nonprofit advisory boards including the Partnership for a Secure America.

Host: Cameron Munter
Producer: Conrad Jarzebowski
Editor: Alex Apter
Creative Development: Dragan Stojanovski