Tom Patterson: Tech-nationalism
Multimedia | October 15, 2019

Tom Patterson—chief trust officer and vice president of Global Security at Unisys—explains how tech-nationalism fits into today’s interconnected global world with EWI's Executive Vice President Bruce McConnell. 

"Tech-nationalism is a pretty simple concept," says Patterson. "It's the national recognition—or nations' recognition around the world—that they have a reliance now on technology for their national defense, for their economic growth and for their critical infrastructure protection."

Tom Patterson has more than three decades of experience in cyber and information security. He holds a Top-Secret security clearance, and the FBI, Secret Service and White House have all relied upon his expertise. In addition to his role at Unisys, where he is tasked with extending trust and security to hundreds of global stakeholders including governments and critical infrastructure providers, he currently serves as the co-lead for the U.S. President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee’s Cyber Moonshot Working Group. He is also author of the book: Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today’s Global Economy.

Host: Bruce W. McConnell
Producer: Conrad Jarzebowski
Editor: Alex Schulman
Creative Development: Dragan Stojanovski