Michael Zumot
Michael Zumot
Donor Relations Officer

Michael Zumot is the Regional Security’s Donor Relations Officer. He is in charge of leading the efforts of the Regional Security pillar in maintaining, renewing and increasing funding from private and public institutions.

Michael worked as a journalist for two years covering the Israeli/Palestinian conflict before moving to Brussels to do an internship at the European Parliament. He is a former EWI alumni; he joined EWI between 2009 and 2014 where he worked on regional security in Southwest Asia, economic development for MENA countries in transition and Afghanistan/Central Asia regional cooperation on water. In 2014, Michael joined the International Crisis Group as Senior Communications Officer focusing particularly on the organisation's Middle East and North Africa output. 

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication Arts from the University of Indianapolis and a master’s degree in Cultures and Development Studies from Catholic University of Leuven. Besides his native Arabic, Michael is fluent in English and French.