EWI Releases 2013 Annual Report

Annual Report | May 22, 2014

Our 2013 Annual Report highlights EastWest Institute’s accomplishments of last year. The institute’s goal of building cooperation and forging real solutions to daunting international problems continues to be as relevant as it was at its founding more than 33 years ago.

President and CEO John Mroz states in his President’s Report,  “It is clear that the East and West must work more closely with one another to address issues that affect us all, and establish a new world order that reflects current economic, military and political realities. We have recently seen the dangers when this does not happen.” He emphasizes EWI’s continued key role as a bridge between major powers. 

This report summarizes, among other key efforts, the expanded scope of EWI’s Global Cooperation in Cyberspace program, a cornerstone of the institute’s work. Our Regional Security Initiative continues to push for private and public sector collaboration in Afghanistan and the surrounding region, securing a peaceful, prosperous transition post-2014 troop withdrawal.  Our ongoing U.S.- China high-level dialogues continue to explore ways to manage critical differences over Taiwan, cybersecurity and regional tensions, and we released a well-received Taiwan arms sales policy recommendation that presents a creative way forward to reduce cross-Strait military tension.

In 2014, EWI is forging ahead with these and other conflict reduction initiatives. We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our board, advisors and donors.