Lowering the Alert Levels in U.S. and Russia

Media Coverage | October 20, 2009

On October 20, 2009, The Washington Post reported on EWI's recent publication, Reframing Nuclear De-Alert: Decreasing the operational readiness of U.S. and Russian arsenals.

"The study does a good job of trying to move the debate away from the old fear of nuclear forces being on a 'hair trigger alert,'" writes Walter Pincus, author of the Post story.

Placing EWI's study in a broader policy context, Pincus adds: "De-alerting is among the issues being analyzed in the Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review. When completed by the end of this year and approved by the White House, the review will set out the administration's strategic nuclear policies, including the appropriate alert levels."

EWI is working to ensure that the report informs these strategic nuclear priorities and paves the way towards more constructive U.S.-Russia relations.

The Washington Post
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Walter Pincus