Scientists: Iran Could Make Nuke in 1-3 Years

Media Coverage | June 25, 2009


By EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press Writer  

NEW YORK May 19, 2009 (AP)

Iran could produce a simple nuclear device in one to three years and a nuclear warhead in another five years after that, a group of U.S. and Russian scientists and experts said in a report issued Tuesday.

They said Iran is also making advances in rocket technology and could develop a ballistic missile capable of firing a 1,000-kilogram (2,200-pound) nuclear warhead up to 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) "in perhaps six to eight years."

The EastWest Institute, a nonpartisan organization which focuses on global challenges, said it brought six U.S. experts and six Russian experts together for the first time to produce a joint threat assessment on Iran's nuclear and missile potential...


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EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press WriterNEW YORK May 19, 2009 (AP)